Saturday, May 1, 2010

Penny Wars Amazing Response

This past week was week one of Penny Wars at my daughter's elementary school. The principal had told me not to expect much but I told her a penny was more than nothing. There are 17 classrooms kindergarten through 5th grade with 350 students. I stopped by the school every morning and was amazed at all the money the kids were donating. Friday while my teammate, Stacie, and I were collecting the money, one of the teachers told us she was a 13 year survivor and thanked us for what we were doing.

This little girl brought in at least $40 this week and her class has the most money donated with a total of $149.39.

Today, while at the credit union, I learned that one of the employees is a four year survivor. Every time someone tells me they are a survivor or know someone who is (or has died from breast cancer), I get choked up. I can't imagine what emotions one goes through when they get the diagnosis.

The teacher and the credit union employee have been added to the long list of survivors that I will walk in honor of. Breast cancer research is working and extending the lives of so many. Every dollar makes a difference and it is greatly appreciated!

Thank you Mtn.Gap Elementary students for raising $1,030.23 in week 1 of Penny Wars!


  1. This is awesome!! I think I'll give it a try. Any tips or more details on how you got such a great response?

  2. Holy Moses!! That's extraordinary!

  3. Christina..we sent home a letter to all 350 students on Friday and they just went crazy on their own with the money. Kids were walking all over the school with money in zip lock bags. They thought it was fun to put currency or silver coins into other classroom containers to make them lose points. This week isn't getting the same amount of response but the three top classes are going strong.

  4. Congratulations!! Those are some really generous kids!