Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First OFFICIAL 10 Mile Training Walk as a TWL

We did it! Stacie, Trina, Jenny, myself and Rachel C. walked 10.3 miles in less than 3 hours this past Saturday. I had a map and route printed out for everyone because Trina likes to speed walk and I assumed she would leave me in the dust. After everyone signed in and stretched, we began our 10 mile walk up Airport Rd which is elevated. Not sure how steep the hill is but when you haven't been training with hills, it can surely slow you down. Read my words: Include hills in your training

Somewhere around mile marker 5, Trina needed to buy another drink. So Rachel, myself and Stacie continued walking knowing that Jenny and Trina would catch up soon. At mile marker 8, Trina called and asked where we were. They should have been with us at this point but they missed a turn at 6.5 miles and then went up a steep hill that wasn't necessary. Finally just as we were almost at the end, we see them coming along behind us. We did it! Way to go girls!

Moral of the story: Maps are provided for a reason :)

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  1. love the maps are included for a reason....I would be the one to miss this turn.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. As the one who DID miss this turn, I'm still laughing that I looked at the map too late! Lesson learned! :) At least we made it!

  3. Jenny...we knew you two should have caught up with us and couldn't figure out where you went :D