Friday, July 23, 2010

Let the 3 Day Events Begin

This weekend is the first of fifteen 3 Day events in cities across the United States. Thousands of walkers have started Day 1 and as I type, some have already walked 10 miles. I'm seeing pictures from the event on twitter and Facebook and it gives me chills. I'm so excited for them and yet it makes me sad because I can't be there to cheer them on. Cheering from twitter and Facebook isn't the same as cheering in person but who has the money to travel to all 15 cities? It also makes me anxious for October to get here so we can walk in Atlanta.

Tomorrow is the Preview Expo in ATL and I can't wait. I'm meeting up with some 3 Day twitter friends (@LilShadetree, @the3wrights, @abby3dayatlanta, @jerusalemlover and @gphigirl). We must get our picture with the 3 Day banner! Yesterday we named ourselves Team Twitter and @knittingbagel is designing a shirt for us.

I haven't said much about this to anyone but I have a VERY important meeting tonight after work with the general manager and store manager of New Balance about becoming a sponsor of Pink for Life. The store manager has said they will sponsor us but we need to work out the details as to HOW they will sponsor us. They also want to do something big for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. I'm both nervous and excited about the opportunity to team up with New Balance Huntsville. This could be HUGE for our team and Susan G. Komen.

Team Pink for Life is still ranked #12 in fundraising for Atlanta. Will you consider a tax deductible donation to push us into the TOP TEN teams? Click here to donate today! Any donation of $5 or more is greatly appreciated.


  1. I know you're in the meeting now and I just wanted to send you lots and lots of positive thoughts! I hope it is going great! Can't wait to hear all about it. Go Team Twitter!


  2. Thank you Laurie! I'll post details soon.