Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Day Happenings

Wow, wow, wow! Mary, Lindsey and myself hit the road at 5:15am  Saturday and drove to Atlanta for the preview expo. We made a pit stop in Cartersville for a drink and three guys were leaving and asked when we were walking (they read the magnet on my car) and gave me a donation. How awesome is that? Thanks @knittingbagel for your magnet design!

This past weekend was the first official 3 Day walk in Boston. Many walkers kept all of us updated via Facebook, blogger and twitter. I got chills and even shed some tears reading the updates and looking at the pictures from the event. I saw pics of one lady with a cast on her arm and another lady walking on crutches. That is dedication! There were pictures of survivors at cheering stations thanking the walkers for what they are doing.

While Boston had it's share of walkers and crew, Atlanta had hundreds of people at the Preview Expo. There were tables all around the room with information for crew, make a sign, training walks, find a team, etc. New Balance and REI were on hand to sell merchandise at a discount to the 3 Day walkers. Breakout sessions were available for blister care, injury prevention, life on the 3 day, and attack the pack. Lindsey got to speak with the Crew Coach and was assigned to team signage. She is so excited!
Lindsey and the Atlanta banner.
Mary and Tammy
Training walk leaders featured.Who is in the lower left corner?
I even got to meet some of my 3 Day tweeps for a picture with the Atlanta banner.
@abby3dayatlanta, @gphigirl, @2girls2boys, @LilShadetree, @jerusalemlover
All of this excitement has motivated me even more and my team still needs your donations. We want to be a power team and need to raise $23,100 in order to do so. Please consider a tax deductible donation today. Click here to donate.


  1. What a wonderful donation story! I love it. Glad to hear you had a great time at the Preview Expo, I really enjoyed ours and learned a lot from it too.

    Love your blog by the way, I'm following now (2 Wired 2 Tired) and can't wait to following your progress to the Atlanta 3-Day!

  2. AWESOME!! I'm so looking forward to our expo for Philly this weekend.

  3. Wow! I hadn't heard about the donation from the magnet notice...Congratulations!!! That's awesome!