Wednesday, July 7, 2010

12 miles or more

This past Saturday, July 3 several of my team members and I met to walk 12 miles at 6am. I mapped a 4 mile loop with stops for potty breaks and water refills with intentions of walking the loop three times. AGAIN Stacie, Trina and Jenny are off to the races and I walked with Mary and her husband Larry.

Within the first few minutes of the walk, we encountered a dead snake much to Mary's dismay :) She squealed and danced a little and tried not to look down again. Along the way, Mary and Larry were picking up trash on the side of the road. Larry even picked up an empty R rated DVD case ;) and quickly dumped it at the end of the first four mile loop. After a quick potty break and a little stretching, I told them that we were at the area that they have heard us talk about (Aldridge Creek Greenway). They were curious since it goes all the way to the Tennessee River. Larry asked how many miles to the river and I said about 8 there and back. So we headed off to Ditto Landing and the TN River.

Once we got to Green Cove Rd, I noticed hundreds of runners. Oh no! I had forgotten the Firecracker 5k started at my church at 8am. We just kept on walking and walking and walking. We reached the end of the Greenway and filled my water bottle up with nice cold water from the cooler thanks to my church :) Larry wanted to keep going so we went to the boat dock area and made the loop. Mary insisted that Larry walk back himself and bring the car to pick her up. Unfortunately, he didn't! We finally made it back to our starting point at 10am. I think total mileage was 13-14.

I guess my body is getting used to the miles as I didn't ache at all after Sunday. I could still feel the last 10 mile walk on the following Wednesday. I'm working on a 5 mile loop 3x with Team Brock 360 for July 31. I will be posting an official training walk and sending invites soon.

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