Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Miles - again

This past Saturday, June 26th, nine 3 day walkers met in downtown Huntsville for an official 10 mile training walk :) Team Pink for Life was represented by myself, Stacie, Jenny and Trina. Team Brock 360 from Cullman was represented by Lori, Mandy and Karen. Elise drove from Gadsen and Stacey drove from the Nashville area to walk 10 miles.
We met downtown at 7:15, introduced ourselves to each other, stretched and hit the pavement/sidewalks of beautiful downtown Huntsville. Stacie, Trina and Jenny were the engines and took off. We never saw them again until we made the second 5 mile loop in the opposite direction. Karen and Elise (or was it Stacey?) were the caboose.

I didn't do too well on planning bathroom breaks as most places downtown were closed :( I did ask a nice lady pulling weeds if Mandy could use her restroom. She graciously welcomed Mandy inside. I explained to her what we were training for and she wished us luck. Another bathroom stop was the fire station that had moved :( So I decided to try the YMCA and wouldn't you know there was a sign on the door "SORRY NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS". I stepped inside and explained we were training to walk 60 miles in 3 Days and the lady at the desk said, "I did that in 2001. Sure, you can use the restrooms." She gave us a few tips and advice. We visited the restroom (even some of us sat on the child's size toilet) and filled up our water bottles.

At the end of the first 5 mile loop, we went inside the Women's Pavilion to cool off, refill water bottles and potty (again). Remember...Drink, Pee, No IV! Brock 360 had to leave so Stacey, Elise and myself finished the last 5 miles together.

I am honored that these girls drove 1-2 hrs to walk with Pink for Life. I enjoyed listening to their stories about why they are walking and getting to know them all a little better. I want to wish Stacey the very best on her walk in Chicago in 5 weeks. You go girl!

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