Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Found walkers in my area

I am so excited! I used the search option from the3day.org website and found three women who live fairly close to me. We are scheduled for our first training walk together this Saturday at 8am. Looking forward to it :)

Yesterday I mailed donation letters to 33 of my friends/family and 4 local businesses. I'm hopeful yet wondering what will actually become of my requests. For the businesses, I offered to wear their logo on my tshirt during the walk in exchange for a donation of at least $100. Keep your fingers crossed.

I mailed in two check donations on Friday and I'm anxious to see how long it actually takes for the donations to be posted. The handbook says up to 4 weeks but that seems like a long time.

Donations to date are $185.


  1. Wooo hooo that is wonderful that you found 3 ladies to train with in your area. I hope everything goes great for you. I am sure you will meet your goal.
    You are in inspiration to me and many others. My mother was a breast cancer survivor.


  2. Thank you Cira! I've got your mom's name on the right side of my blog and on my personal donation page. Love ya!