Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

34 weeks until the 3 Day in Atlanta. I've got my shoes and my fanny pack (maybe) and I started my own team. I've chosen the name Pink for Life. Of course pink representing breast cancer awareness and life so that we can find a cure for this monster and extend the lives of so many men and women. I have a couple of people working on a logo for tshirts and fundraising items. Can't wait to see what they create. Are you a master at fundraising? If so, share your ideas.

Tomorrow is another training walk and hopefully Jenny and Denise will be joining me. I will be in MS on Sunday and I'm hoping to convince two former classmates to join my team.

Before lunch today, I sent out another donation request to co-workers. With the cash donations/checks to be mailed, my donations now total $1020 and $1480 shy of my goal.

Have you made your tax deductible donation yet?

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