Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Training and Donation Update

It's officially spring break but our weather is still cool and windy. The weather hasn't cooperated over the last two weeks so I'm running a little behind on training. We still have 31 weeks until the event so we should have plenty of time to get our training completed.

Team Pink for Life is planning the first fundraiser and details will be posted when it is finalized.

Donations were mailed last week and I have more to mail this week. Once it's all posted, I will be at $1355 and only $1145 from my goal. I can't explain how much each generous donation means to me. I get excited every time I see the email from Susan G. Komen that a donation has been made on my behalf :) I wish ALL of you could be at the closing ceremony to experience this wonderful event.

I made a ribbon tree to visually honor those that I'm walking for. It is quite the conversation starter at work and has even caused some people to donate who might not have otherwise. The picture was taken at home with poor lighting so I will try to remember and take one of it sitting on my desk at work and re-post.
Donations are tax deductible and can be made online securely at http://the3day.org/goto/tammyk


  1. I love your ribbon tree! How are you getting all of these creative ideas?? :)


  2. Hi Jenny! You know how they always have the egg trees this time of year? I said I could make one and put pink ribbons instead of eggs. Each ribbon represents someone that I am walking for. A tree at Hobby Lobby $17.99 - my tree less than $5