Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So I've been reading the message boards at The 3 Day and getting some great ideas for fundraisers. The only thing....I don't ride a motorcycle. I don't play poker and I don't bake! So what's a girl to do? My husband loves to fish so I asked his opinion about a fishing tournament. Normally each fisherman/boat pays a set entry fee and other fees for big fish, etc. The set entry fee is then divided among the first, second and third place winners. The fisherman with the biggest fish gets all the money from the big fish pool. He suggested increasing the entry fee by $10/20 and donate that portion to my 3 Day fundraising. What a great idea! Now I need to get busy talking to people who can make this happen.

I still have cash/check donations to be mailed and it will bring my total to $1070 and only $1430 from my goal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and aching feet for each donation!

If you haven't donated, it's not too late. You can choose to divide your donation into four monthly payments which allows you to donate more if you desire.

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