Friday, February 18, 2011

For Becky and More

I’ve struggled to write my first fundraising letter this year and I’m not sure why. I could tell you so many things that have happened since October that have changed my life and who I am but I don’t think anyone would truly understand unless they were there. Where you ask? Why Atlanta, of course, with thousands of other men and women all with the same passion and goal as myself! To extend the lives of all those affected by breast cancer (men and women/young and old). 2,400 walkers and 350 crew members all working together for one purpose.

Pink for Life ranked as the #12 team in fundraising with over $35,000 and we were #10 for the largest teams in our first year. I am so proud of my teammates and all we accomplished together. We are hard at work again preparing for another busy fundraising and training season. The weather will soon be perfect for lacing up our new shoes and if you should see us out on the sidewalks/trails, be sure to honk and wave as you pass us by. You see, we were spoiled with all the attention in Atlanta, so please try to understand.

My heart has been heavy the last few days as I read the news about a 3 Day walker who lost her battle with Stage 4 breast cancer on February 10. Becky Hewitt was twice the top fundraiser for the Twin Cities walk and a dedicated mom. I’ve watched her survivor 3 Day speech several times and cried each time.

I’ve read her journal entries on CaringBridge and cried.

All she wanted was more time with her family. My heart is broken for her family and her young daughter, Taylor. She tried to shield Taylor from all her pain and waiting until her very last days before the family explained that mommy was about to become an angel. Rest in peace, Becky! We will continue your fight.

Would you please consider a donation to Susan G. Komen on my behalf? $5 is the minimum donation

I would be forever grateful and so would all the survivors.

Don’t delay. Donate today.

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